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Case Study: Activating Waqf for Sustainable Development: Awqaf Properties Investment Fund (APIF)

Waqf, in plural awqaf, is defined as a perpetual endowment. It is an Islamic charitable endowment and an essential component of Islamic social finance. Creating a waqf involves setting aside certain…

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Pillar IV - Financial and Social Inclusion (Redistribution)

The last pillar of the framework, financial and social inclusion, aims to ensure that the higher economic growth results are distributed to each segment of society inclusively, either through…

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Components of Islamic Social Finance

Islamic social finance can be categorized into three types: philanthropy, mutual cooperation, and investment models for entrepreneurs and venture capitalism. Philanthropy and mutual cooperation can…

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Emergence of the Islamic Finance Industry Part II

In addition to Islamic banking based on retail offerings, various financial institutions have emerged to respond to the ever-growing financial needs of the Muslim societies and to the hybrid products…

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Korean Contribution to Development Cooperation Looking Forward

Korea has gone from being a recipient country of aid to being a donor country. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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