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Sale-Based Contracts in Islamic Finance: Istisna

Istisna is a contract whereby a seller sells an asset which is yet to be constructed, built or manufactured according to agreed specifications and delivered on an agreed specified future date at an…

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Investment-Based Contracts in Islamic Finance: Musharaka

Musharaka is a partnership between two or more parties, whereby all parties share the profit and bear the loss from the partnership. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Concept and Nature of Contracts in Shariah

According to Shariah, a contract must have some pre-requisites. The first one is the existence of a minimum of two parties. Second, the offer and acceptance, namely the form of contract. The third…

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Informal Self Employment: Dependent Contractors

Dependent contractors are workers who are economically dependent on a company, but who will not hire as employees. How does this type of work different from independent contractors, and what are some…

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The Role of Model Contracts

Zorigt Dashdorj introduces model contracts, a standard agreement a government presents to its counterparts. Model contracts can reduce the risks and challenges of negotiations by limiting the scope…

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Assembling a Team and Choosing a Strategy for Contract Negotiations

Herbert M’cleod describes the importance of carefully assembling the negotiation team, considering breadth of expertise and authority. Once a team is assembled, the team sets its positions,…

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Researching Contracts using

A key part of negotiation preparation is familiarity with standard and specific contractual terms, particularly from peer countries with comparable extractive sectors and of the company with whom the…

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Conclusion to Getting a Good Deal: Negotiating Extractive Industry Contracts

Much of the work of contract negotiations happens before anyone sits down at the table. Learn about next steps you can take in negotiating extractive industry contracts. This video is licensed under…

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The Legal Framework and Roles of Contracts

In this opening session, Alberto Reyes places contracts in the context of a country’s overall legal and policy framework. What are the differences between licensing and contract regimes? What…

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