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Project Tujenge: Solar-powered water purification

In 2022, the University of Pretoria's "Team Tujenge" earned second place in the international student competition “Universities for Goal 13” for their small-scale,…

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EcoSwell: Improving energy resilience in marginalised communities

Power cuts are frequent in many marginalised communities around the world, and can be very disruptive. Consider, for instance, medical staff who are forced to find a quick solution to avoid the…

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Case Study: Pioneering Green Sukuk: The Technical Assistance of the World Bank in Malaysia

At the end of 2016, Malaysia’s local currency bond market, the 4th largest in emerging East Asia after China, Korea and Thailand, stood at 1.167 trillion Malaysian Ringgits or approximately…

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Case Study: Unlocking Zakat to Help Communities: UNDP Indonesia

Engaging with Islamic finance is a part of UNDP’s global strategy. In this regard, partnerships are forming in Indonesia and other UNDP country offices. Through its Innovative Financing Lab,…

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The IsDB Green Sukuk

IsDB issued its debut green Sukuk in 2019 raising €1 billion which is committed to projects in renewable energy, clean transportation, energy efficiency, pollution prevention and control,…

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IsDB Business Model and Operational Result Areas

In this evolving development landscape, IsDB is aligning its business model with the changing needs of its clients. The essence of this new business model is to help member countries to achieve…

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Synergies Between Islamic Finance and Impact Investing

Islamic finance and economic practices are well-positioned to support the overhaul of public financial management systems and the strengthening of health, education, and food security…

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Green and Social Investments

Green and social investments are innovative Shariah-compliant instruments designed to finance green infrastructure and development projects. They have the potential to become a new asset class…

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Green Bonds and Green Bond Principles

Green bonds are innovative climate finance instruments designed to raise funds for sustainable investment projects. Unlike conventional bonds, all proceeds of a green bond need to be invested in…

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Shifting Paradigm from Islamic Banking to Islamic Finance

The emergence of the Sustainable Development Goals has affected the Islamic finance industry to develop sustainable and green financing structures such as green Sukuk. There has been a dramatic…

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Sukuk and Green Sukuk

Again, Sukuk can be used as fiscal support, for liquidity management, and to support sectors such as education, health and infrastructure. In recent years, green Sukuk initiatives have emerged to…

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Mobilizing the Private Sector and Alternative Funding Sources

There are some potential sources where the private sector can play a pivotal role in financing the Sustainable Development Goals such as blended finance, impact investing and green finance. In this…

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Global Energy Transition with Yasmine Arasalane

Webinar 7 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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Climate Transition as a Driver for Change with Professor Jos Delbeke

Webinar 9 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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Implementing SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

SDG 7 seeks to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. In this video, we talk to Jukka-Pekka Niemi, Marketing Manager of the Finnish company Wärtsilä…

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Introducing SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy

SDG 7 seeks to increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, enhance international cooperation to facilitate access to…

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