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EbA and Water

This video is the second of three sector-specific insight units. In this video, participants learn about the importance of EbA for water security and how EbA can be integrated into water management…

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Climate justice

This video is the first of five videos which highlight cross-cutting topics that should be included in all EbA projects. In this video, participants learn about the topic of climate justice. This…

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EbA in the context of sustainable development

To distinguish EbA from similar approaches and enhance understanding of the concept, EbA is placed in the context of sustainable development. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Implementing SDG 13: Climate action

SDG 13 urges us to take action to combat climate change. Mitigating and adapting to climate change requires large financial investments. In this video, you will learn about green investments and the…

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Interview with Miguel Clüsener-Godt, UNESCO

This video is the third video of unit 2.2 of the course Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience taught by Nathalie Doswald, Mikhail Fernandes, and Xinyue Gu. What are…

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Mitigation Policies

This lecture looks at the policies that can lead to climate change mitigation. This video is not available under a Creative Commons license and should not be considered open content. However, the…

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Climate Mitigation

This lecture explains why climate change mitigation is so important, adding on the importance of adaption and mitigation. This video is not available under a Creative Commons license and should not…

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Social Fragility, Conflict, and Mitigation

This chapter discusses how water and climate change are becoming drivers for social fragility, for conflict and for human migration.

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Towards COP21

This chapter discusses the path towards COP21 in Paris in December 2015. COP15 in Copenhagen was unsuccessful in reaching a new binding framework. Copenhagen set markers, such as the limit of 2…

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Recent History of Climate Change

This chapter discusses current trends in climate science, beginning with maps produced by Professor James Hansen. The first map shows a bell curve of temperatures for each place during the time…

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Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

This chapter sinuses how agriculture contributes to and is affected by climate change and how it can reduce its negative contribution. The people who are most affected by climate change are those who…

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The Ethics of Migration and Refugees

This chapter discusses the complexities surrounding the ethics of migration and how different causes of migration require different approaches, and suggests a three-pronged approach for mitigating…

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Mitigating Environmental Impacts of Reconstruction

What are tools and approaches to mitigating the environmental impacts of reconstruction? Context-appropriate variations on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), including accelerated environmental…

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Technology RDD&D

This chapter discusses the technology development that needs to underpin an agreement. The patent system allows the inventor of a useful new technology the exclusive right to use that new precursor…

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The Three-Tiered Structure of Mitigation Commitments

This lecture discusses the structure of the negotiations at COP21 and how they can produce a meaningful agreement to achieve the 2 degree Celsius limit on mean global temperature increase using the…

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Basic Principles of a Global Agreement

This chapter discusses the headings that negotiations need to be attentive to to reach a fair, efficient, and meaningful agreement. The agreement has to lead to deep decarbonization to stay under the…

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