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Islamic Social Finance Instruments: Sadaqah

Sadaqah is a charitable giving and is a non-obligatory amount of money paid to help the needy and the poor. Anyone has the ability and willingness can do so, and there are no rules applied to it…

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Islamic Social Finance Instruments: Qard Hasan

Qard hasan (good loan) is given without expecting a return by the creditor with the pure intention of helping the debtor. Since Qard hasan is a gratuitous contract, no profit should be gained from…

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Investment-Based Contracts in Islamic Finance: Musharaka

Musharaka is a partnership between two or more parties, whereby all parties share the profit and bear the loss from the partnership. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Sale-Based Contracts in Islamic Finance: Murabaha

There are two types of contracts in Islamic banking and finance, which are sale-based (exchange-based) contracts and investment based (equity-based) contracts. Sale-based contracts include murabaha,…

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The Basic Theory of Business Investment

This chapter talks about business capital and business decisions, specifically profit-oriented investment. Investment decisions are evaluated on a basic condition, which is whether the investment…

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