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Q&A | Mark Moody-Stuart | 2017 Mar. 1

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart answers questions on community relationships, human rights, company responsibility on influencing governments, the resource curse, and the role of aid money in the extractive…

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Q&A |Jeffrey Sachs | 2017 Feb. 18

Jeffrey Sachs answers questions about the role of transparency in the extractive sector, the resource curse, and the ways in which the extractive sector can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs …

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Q&A | Nicolas Maennling | 2016 Nov. 22

Nicolas Maennling from the Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment answers questions on the resource curse and how to avoid it, how to prevent and preempt the resource curse, and other topics. …

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Q&A | Mark Moody-Stuart | 2016 Sep. 29

Sir Mark Moody Stuart on the subject of oil, gas, and mining governance on various aspects of resource management. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Natural resources: opportunities and risks

This chapter serves as an introduction to the concept of the “Resource Curse” and how to mitigate the risks, defines the concept of “Dutch Disease” in relation to the…

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How natural resources shape and are shaped by political context

This chapter details the role of domestic political systems in natural resources and how these systems are affected by resource wealth. It describes the resource curse, or the characteristic of a…

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Growth Traps

In this chapter, Professor Larraín talks about poverty traps, growth traps, middle income traps and their causes. Poverty traps are restrictions that make economic growth slower for poor…

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