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Sustainable Forest Management

This chapter from our course on terrestrial ecosystem management explores the potential negative effects of extracting forest products. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Partnerships for Implementing SDG 15

Partnerships for Implementing SDG15, role of international and regional banks, project and system management. Not long after the Second World War, a meeting at Bretton Woods established the World…

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Evaluation of Public Policies for SDG 15

This chapter focuses on three of the main targets of SDG 15, which are to halt deforestation and ecosystem degradation, promote sustainable management of both terrestrial ecosystems and inland…

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How SDG 15 Links With Other SDGs

Sustainable Development means precisely the interconnection of economic, social, and environmental objectives. Therefore, it is important to try to achieve all of the Sustainable Development Goals…

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Introduction to SDG 15

This chapter provides an overview of the nine targets associated with SDG 15, which relates to terrestrial ecosystems or Life on Land. The targets focus on: preserving freshwater, sustainably…

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