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Introduction to behaviour change interventions

We can only know that our intervention has been effective if we can measure it. So, alongside designing our intervention, we need to think about implementing it in a way that will allow us to gather…

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Transportation Investment & Financing Policy

This e-learning course is designed to cover the relationship between economic growth and transportation development in South Korea. The success of transport investment lies in securing sustainable…

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The Saemaul Movement and Leadership

In 1970-71, the first evaluation of the Saemaul Movement confirmed the importance of leadership in villages. During the Saemaul Movement, the importance of leadership, especially for village units,…

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Industrial policy in Africa

This chapter helps viewers understand why industrial policy has been less successful in African countries, with case studies, recognize successes from African countries and why they succeeded, and…

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Case Study: Lessons from Tanzania

Ali Mufuruki, one of Tanzania's most successful businessmen, gives his take on industrial policy in the country. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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