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Conversation with Francisco Rodríguez, The Human Consequences of Economic Sanctions

Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and economist Francisco Rodríguez as they discuss Prof. Rodriguez’s newest publication, The Human Consequences of Economic Sanctions. Prof. Rodriguez is an…

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Introduction to Islamic Social Finance

Islamic social finance can be defined as “the branch of Islamic finance where the products and services offered are designed to achieve social goals with or without profit”. There is a…

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The Future is Fair

Webinar 5 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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Q&A | Michael Ross | 2016 Sep. 22

Michael Ross, a professor at UCLA, answer questions on the ethics of importing natural resources from countries without strong regulations, the political factors that influence resource extraction,…

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Q&A: How to deal with the backlash against globalization?

How to deal with the backlash against globalization? This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Drivers of industry: exports and the basics

This chapter introduces the four key drivers of industrialization: 'the basics', exports, capabilities and clusting/agglomerations, how 'the basics' are an essential foundation…

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An agenda for aid

This chapter explores what the donor community could do to support industrialization in Africa, ideas for fixing 'Aid for Trade', and the role China can play. This video is licensed under…

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Why Sustainable Development is Important: Happiness and Wellbeing

This chapter describes why the concept of sustainable development is so important, why it is so important that we orient towards the three objectives of prosperity, social fairness, and environmental…

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Social Foundations for Planetary Boundaries

This chapter discusses the social foundations for the planetary boundaries. This goes back to the Brundtland Report of 1987, which defined sustainability as a relationship between humans and nature.…

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Key Opportunities and the Way Forward

In this chapter, Cristina Villegas provides a summary of artisanal mining. Now, a lot of mining specialists are focusing on formalization, legalization, professionalization, and increased market…

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The Current Account and External Indebtedness

This chapter talks about net borrowing and net saving by a country. In a closed economy, saving equals investment, but in an open economy, domestic businesses can invest heavily even if residents…

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The Aggregate Demand in an Open Economy

This chapter focuses on exchange rates and how they impact aggregate demand management in an open economy. It makes use of the C + I + G + (X - M) = GDP formula of the net trade balance in the…

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Aggregate Demand with Flexible Exchange Rate

In this chapter, Professor Sachs discusses international trade and how it is affected by the exchange rate, which is in turn affected by financial flows and the differences of interest rates at home…

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Aggregate Demand with Fixed Exchange Rate

This chapter begins by explaining the impact of aggregate demand in an open economy, via fixed and flexible exchange rates. In a fixed or pegged exchange rate, the central bank doesn’t allow…

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The Real Exchange Rate and the Role of Non-Traded Goods

This chapter discusses the real exchange rate and the role of non-traded goods. The real exchange rate is a measure of a country’s competitiveness, defined through a simple equation. The Big…

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PPP and Interest Rate Arbitrage

This chapter focuses on the purchasing power parity (PPP) and the interest rate arbitrage. Professor Larraín begins by explaining the law of one price, which states that a good must cost the…

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