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IsDB Business Model and Operational Result Areas

In this evolving development landscape, IsDB is aligning its business model with the changing needs of its clients. The essence of this new business model is to help member countries to achieve…

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Components of Islamic Social Finance

Islamic social finance can be categorized into three types: philanthropy, mutual cooperation, and investment models for entrepreneurs and venture capitalism. Philanthropy and mutual cooperation can…

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Investment-Based Contracts in Islamic Finance: Mudaraba

Mudaraba is a form of partnership in profit whereby one party, the fund provider, provides capital, and the other party, the fund manager, provides management skills or labor. Any profit generated…

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Universal Access to Infrastructure

This chapter introduces a new kind of capital, infrastructure capital, and explains it's importance in sustainable development. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Market Inefficiency

This chapter explores ways in which a capitalist market aligns and does not align with the sustainable development framework. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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The Market Economy: Specialization, Division of Labor, Entrepreneurship

This chapter talks about the arrival of capitalist institutions which remade societies by creating market relations for labor, land, intellectual property, and other forms of ownership, and in which…

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Six Sources of Wellbeing

This chapter focuses o the six sources of well-being, challenging the traditional capitalist idea that consumers will maximize their well-being and instead looking at the structure of society. This…

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Limiting Monopoly Power

Monopoly power is a common failure of global capitalism. In this chapter, Professor Jeffrey Sachs looks at the ways in which sustainable development limits monopoly power. This video is licensed…

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Introducing Sustainable Development

In this chapter, Professor Jeffrey Sachs introduces the course "Sustainable Development: the Post-Capitalist Order" and defines sustainable development. This video is licensed under the CC…

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Reconnecting Human Development to the Biosphere

The biosphere is a thin layer around the Earth that hosts life. In the 1980s, ecological economics tried to reconnect land to economics through the creation of natural capital, the green economy, and…

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Investing in Investing

In this chapter, Paul Collier looks at how to cover money that is saved into sustained levels of prosperity by domestic investment, or what he calls investing in investing. Developing countries must…

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The Basic Theory of Business Investment

This chapter talks about business capital and business decisions, specifically profit-oriented investment. Investment decisions are evaluated on a basic condition, which is whether the investment…

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This chapter focuses on investment decisions made by businesses, and how these are affected by market conditions such as the interest rate. Investment is the key to building the stock of capital in…

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Economic Growth

Building up the capital stock of the economy is a very important part of long-term economic development. This chapter focuses on capital accumulation in the economy, and the amount of capital that is…

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Valuing Ocean Assets

International large research projects have focused on the valuation of natural assets and services. Since the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the idea of ecosystem services has become prominent in…

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The Ocean and Concepts of Sustainability

Konrad Ott makes details four aspects of sustainability that are essential to any deeper understandings of it: history, ethics, concepts, politics. More than 300 years ago, Hans Carl Carlowitz argued…

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