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Setting the Pace in a Fast-Changing World

The world is moving into a fourth industrial revolution, an era marked by a disruptive change in production processes due to advances in technology. This change is compounded by a lack of…

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Design and apply behaviour change interventions

In this video, Dr Kun Zhao will discuss the Behaviour Change Wheel, and the variety of intervention options that are available. Dr Kun Zhao will also present some examples of interventions, to…

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Q&A | Erika Weinthal | 2018 Apr. 9

Erika Weinthal answers questions relating to the 6th week of the ESSP course.

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Q&A | Guido Schmidt-Traub | 2018 Sep. 18

Guido Schmidt-Traub answers learners' questions about his work on the SDGs and the SDGs more broadly. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Mitigating Environmental Impacts of Reconstruction

What are tools and approaches to mitigating the environmental impacts of reconstruction? Context-appropriate variations on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), including accelerated environmental…

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Evaluation of Public Policies for SDG 15

This chapter focuses on three of the main targets of SDG 15, which are to halt deforestation and ecosystem degradation, promote sustainable management of both terrestrial ecosystems and inland…

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From Attitude to Action: Sustainable Ocean Management

This chapter examines the role that human systems - specifically human value systems and ethics - play on ocean management. In this chapter, we will see how sustainable development needs to take into…

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From Ocean Science to Ocean Sustainable Development

This chapter presents some amazing facts about the ocean, including that seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean and that the oceans provide 95 percent of the space for…

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The Ocean and Concepts of Sustainability

Konrad Ott makes details four aspects of sustainability that are essential to any deeper understandings of it: history, ethics, concepts, politics. More than 300 years ago, Hans Carl Carlowitz argued…

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Economic Models for Sustainability and the Ocean

This chapter introduces various perspectives on the ocean's ecosystem services and how they should be accounted for in economic modeling. In September 2015, the United Nations concluded the…

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