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Conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry for the Future

Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and bestselling science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson for a thought provoking conversation on Robinson’s recent novels The Ministry for the Future and New…

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Regional and City-level SDG Indices

In this video, SDG Index Manager Guillaume Lafortune presents the case for local SDG measurement, and discusses the methodologies used to create regional and city-level indices that serve as a…

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Ciudades sostenibles

Este vídeo es la sexta lección del curso Nuestro Futuro, creado por el Centro de Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y la Universidad de los Andes. Aprende más aquí:…

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Q&A | Sue Parnell | 2016 Dec. 2

Sue Parnell answers questions on urban theory and urban history. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Urban Environment and Energy Systems

Jeffrey Sachs highlights some of the most urgent issues in the development of sustainable urban areas, particularly those caused by climate change and pollution, and in doing so establishes the…

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Introduction to the SDGs and Cities

An introduction to the course Cities and the Challenge of Sustainable Development. Jeffrey Sachs provides an overview of the SDGs and how they relate to cities, including SDG 11 ("make cities…

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