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Virtue Ethics: An Indigenous Perspective

In this chapter, Grand-father T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin and Grand-mother Marie-Josée Tardif discuss ethics and the connections between people and the Earth in the Anishinaabe tradition of…

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Introduction to Water Ecosystems

This video talks about the different roles water plays within the Earth system. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Development of the Sustainable Development Goals

How can the world of policy and science respond to the latest advancements in science? In the Anthropocene, we can no longer avoid catastrophic tipping points; we need a transition to a world within…

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Reconnecting Human Development to the Biosphere

The biosphere is a thin layer around the Earth that hosts life. In the 1980s, ecological economics tried to reconnect land to economics through the creation of natural capital, the green economy, and…

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Synthesis and Progress on Planetary Boundaries

The planetary boundaries framework is built on our understanding of the pressures of the Earth system, along with the recognition that if we push them too far, we risk crossing tipping points. Using…

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Aerosol Loading

This chapter explains the concern about atmospheric aerosols, which are liquid droplets or particles that are suspended in the atmosphere. They absorb and reflect light, play an important role in…

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Teleconnections and Inconvenient Feedbacks

In the Anthropocene, we are entering a realm where interconnectedness translates into teleconnections, in which changes in one part of the world impact other parts of the world and can trigger…

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Welcome to the Anthropocene

There is rising scientific evidence that humanity has now entered a new era that is defined as the Anthropocene, in which humanity is shaping the entire biosphere in a globalized phase of…

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A Hindu Approach to Environmental Care

This chapter looks at the ethical contradictions with human-induced climate change through the lens of hinduism, stressing the importance of non-violence in Hinduism. This video is licensed under…

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Threats from the Sea Bed

What is a tsunami and how does it occur? 80 percent of tsunamis are produced when earthquakes displace the sea floor, and the rest are from landslides underwater. There are experiments being done now…

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