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Sumatra Peatland Restoration

As part of the Sumatra Peatland Restoration program, Belantara Foundation helped to develop an integrated farming that includes cattle fattening, organic fertilizer, pineapple plantation, and…

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Case Study: Monitoring and evaluation of EbA actions in South Africa

This video presents a case study from Conservation South Africa, where they used the “Stewardship approach” to protect degrading rangelands and critical endangered ecosystems. The…

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EbA in action: Examples from different sectors

This video provides examples of EbA measures that can be implemented in different sectors, including the water, agricultural and urban sectors. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Protecting wetlands by changing cropping practices on private land, using behavioural insights

With a drying climate, cropping poses risks to wetlands and swamps. While laws exist to protect wetlands on private land, in the absence of significant enforcement resources and/or a shared…

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Development enhancing investments

The chapter focuses on the role of investments in institutions and infrastructure in improving rural livelihoods and standards of living. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Markets and supply chains

The chapter focuses on how markets and supply chains connect farmers and consumers around the world and on the implications of global trade of agricultural commodities for the health and wellbeing of…

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The Saemaul Movement and Cooperatives

Role of Cooperatives in the Saemaul Movement. They had leading roles in modernizing the distribution of agricultural products and in raising the income of its members. This video is licensed under…

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Local Innovation as the Key Driver of Local Development

Once the Saemaul Movement began in the 1970s, the off-season disappeared from Korea’s rural areas. The main cause for this fundamental change was the spread of new farming businesses and the…

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Q&A | Achim Dobermann | 2017 Apr. 2

Achim Dobermann answers questions relating to Week 2 of the "Feeding a Hungry Planet" course. Specifically, the history of agriculture and the need to change the business as usual approach…

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An Inconvenient Legacy

This chapter talks about the role and the fate of smallholders, particularly in Africa, but also in other parts of the world. What is their position in terms of food production, food security, and…

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Professional Profiles: Sustainable Tourism Sector

This chapter defines the core competencies necessary to create tools that support the chain of agri-food innovation in the Mediterranean, and the agri-food entrepreneur. A food tech startup-er is…

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Case Studies: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Local Development

This chapter looks at case studies around initiatives that have facilitated the participation of smallholder farmers in food value chains, especially the role of multi-stakeholder and public-private…

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Sustainable Farming Systems Under Environmental Constraints

This chapter discusses challenges for sustainable farming globally and in the Mediterranean region. Dynamic population growth poses the first problem; by 2050, the world population will probably be…

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Theoretical Foundations to Understand How Food Value Chains Can Contribute to Regional and Local Development

This chapter discusses how the value chain can contribute to local and regional development. The Mediterranean diet consists of products that range from olive oil to fresh fruit and veggies to fish…

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Civilizations: Evolution of the Mediterranean Diet

Agriculture and horticulture in the ancient Mediterranean were carried out by the ancient Egyptians and the Hittites, among others who are able to make use of natural river irrigation in alluvial…

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The Origin of the Mediterranean Diet

The basics of the Egyptian diet, bread and beer, were made for their main crops, wheat and barley. Honey, dates, and fruit juice were used for sweeteners, and garlic and onions for flavoring.…

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