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The SDG Index: Technical Training

In this technical training, SDG Index Manager Guillaume Lafortune takes you step-by-step through the methodology behind the construction of the SDG Index and Dashboards. This video is licensed under…

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Good Water Governance for Accelerating Progress

This chapter talks about the way forward towards good water governance, which is fundamental for sustainable development across the globe, highlighting three main points: Inclusiveness, equality and…

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Water Governance

This chapter discusses why we need to govern water and what do we mean by water governance. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Impact of Water Footprints

In this chapter, Ruth Matthews discusses the governance of water for sustainable production and consumption purposes. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Water Resource Governance: From Source to Sea: Accelerating Progress

This chapter examines the governance of water resources from source to sea and how we need to transform governance to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the challenge of…

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Municipal, Regional and National Governance

Governance matters because cities are systems of systems that are situated in particular geographies that are defined by historical and cultural processes and are deeply embedded in regional and…

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Understanding Urban Systems

Cities are systems of systems, and can be seen as a particular type of socio-ecological system (SES) that is made up of multiple complex systems. Cities are compared to the human body with a…

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The Two SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals and Social Democratic Governance

In this chapter, Professor Jeffrey Sachs uses the Nordic countries as an example of governance pathways to achieve sustainable development, comparing the sustainable development goals to social…

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New and Emerging Perspectives on Global Governance

There are many different schools and approaches on how to reform global environmental governance. Deep institutional reform builds on the idea that, if you manage to reform critical pillars of global…

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Moral Advocacy: Religious Leaders

In this chapter, Professor Sachs discusses advocacy to mobilize awareness and action, specifically the work of Pope Francis, who has issued several calls to action, most notably the Laudato Si's…

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Ecosystem and Nutrient Management

This chapter presents a positive example of marine management with nutrient management in the Baltic Sea and shows that it is essential to have effective international treaties, sound scientific…

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