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Covid-19 Impacts on and Implications for the Global Food System

This is a guest lecture by Prof. Glenn Denning, Columbia University, in the course "The Covid-19 Pandemic: Virology, Public Health, and Economics," taught by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia…

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The Origins of the Boundary Concept

This lecture introduces the concept of planetary boundaries, or a set of limits or safe parameters within which humans should maintain their economics activity. Professor Sachs further examines the…

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The Malthusian Specter

This chapter talks about one more very important idea as to why the market system may, in a way, not deliver the benefits of rising well-being for the long term, the Malthusian specter. This video…

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Malthus Revisited

This chapter revisits the Malthusian Specter, focusing on its valid warnings while critiquing its pessimism. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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