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Getting a Good Deal: Negotiating Extractive Industry Contracts - Trailer

Many resource-rich countries negotiate complex contracts to govern mining, oil, or gas projects. Despite the critical importance of these contracts in determining the risks and benefits of these…

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The Negotiation

While each negotiation is different, the challenges they present for government negotiators are often similar. In this session, Solongoo Bayarsaikhan discusses internal and external challenges…

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The Political Economy of Automation

This chapter is on the political economy of automation. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | William Horak | 2019 Mar. 6

In this Q&A from our Climate Action MOOC, Dr. Bill Horak, Chair of the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology at the Brookhaven National Lab, answers student questions about options for…

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Q&A | Stephanie McClellan | 2017 Jul. 31

Stephanie McClellan, Director of the Special Initiative of Offshore Wind, answers questions related to the 7th week of the Climate Action course's 2017 run. This video is licensed under the CC…

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Q&A | Stephanie McClellan | 2018 Jan. 23

Stephanie McClellan, Director of the Special Initiative of Offshore Wind, answers questions related to Module 3 Chapter 4 of the "Natural Resources" course. This video is licensed under…

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Drivers of industry: exports and the basics

This chapter introduces the four key drivers of industrialization: 'the basics', exports, capabilities and clusting/agglomerations, how 'the basics' are an essential foundation…

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The American Century

This chapter starts its discussion in 1914, looking at the rise of the US as a world power and the "American Century." This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Stabilization Themes

This chapter focuses on stabilization, which is the reduction of inflation to a very low level, and explains the tools to understand stabilization. These tools include stabilizing the exchange rate,…

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PPP and Interest Rate Arbitrage

This chapter focuses on the purchasing power parity (PPP) and the interest rate arbitrage. Professor Larraín begins by explaining the law of one price, which states that a good must cost the…

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International Comparisons of Income (PPP)

One of the challenges that faces macroeconomists is comparing the gross domestic product across countries. Using a numerical illustration of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), which is the concept of…

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The Beginning of Divergence of the West and Asia

Professor Sachs begins this chapter by explaining Angus Maddison's graphs of GDP per capita and population from the 1700s, in order to explain Europe’s rise to power during the fourth wave…

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The State of Conflict Around the World

This chapter focuses on peace around the world as a peans of obtaining sustainable development, looking at the risk of nuclear war, current conflicts, and the cost of conflict. This video is…

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Advanced Nuclear Power

This chapter discusses the new generation of nuclear power reactors. there are approximately 40 countries with nuclear energy as part of their power mix, with some countries planning to phase out or…

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Nuclear Power

In this chapter, Bill Horak discusses nuclear technology basics. He talks about the role of Columbia in the start of nuclear energy. He describes the process of nuclear fission in detail and compares…

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Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis

Dr. Anthony Annett discusses the third section of the Pope’s encyclical, which highlights the roots of the existing ecological crisis. The encyclical frames the many social and environmental…

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