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Key takeaways: EbA Valuation

This video highlights the main takeaways about EbA Valuation. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Key takeaways: Assessing climate risks

This video highlights the main takeaways about Assessing Climate Risks. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Conceptualising an EbA project

This video guides participants through the conceptualisation process of an EbA project and necessary components to include. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Mainstreaming an EbA project

This video introduces the concept of mainstreaming and presents a framework for mainstreaming an EbA project. The goals of mainstreaming EbA are also discussed.This video is licensed under the CC…

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Role of Islamic Capital Market Instruments in Sustainable Development

Islamic capital markets have demonstrated unprecedented success in generating finance for corporate and public sectors. Sukuk (Islamic bonds) have been a particularly important Islamic capital market…

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Inventories and safeguarding plans

This chapter introduces a variety of ways of inventorying intangible cultural heritage, which is organizing and presenting information on ICH in a systematic way. Inventorying is often the first step…

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Assembling a Team and Choosing a Strategy for Contract Negotiations

Herbert M’cleod describes the importance of carefully assembling the negotiation team, considering breadth of expertise and authority. Once a team is assembled, the team sets its positions,…

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What a Government Needs to Know Before Negotiating a Contract

The pre-negotiation stage is a critical period for the success of negotiations. As Herbert M’cleod describes, government must prepare for negotiations by getting to know the asset, the company…

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Local Initiative and Responsibility

One of the core principles of the Saemaul Movement was the active participation of the villagers. The government’s support with construction materials and policy design were also important, but…

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Case Study: A Ten Year Program, Songwe River

This case study looks at the Songwe River in order to demonstrate how a nexus approach can both serve to increase the financial viability of a project, make it more bankable than other words, but…

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Local Employment

Local employment is key to local content. Citizens who live close to operations are often sold a story of high-paying jobs by politicians and others, although this might not be the full story, and…

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State-Owned Enterprises: Role and Governance

State-controlled companies often play an outsized role in the management of the oil, gas, and mining industries. For example, they control about 90 percent of all global oil reserves and are…

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How a Company Decides to Invest in a Project

This chapter overviews investments in oil, gas and mining projects. It includes a comparison of private and state ventures. Sources of income include: cash from existing projects and retained…

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Evaluation of Projects and Programs Related to SDG 15

This chapter discusses the evaluation of projects and programs from a perspective of the project cycle and the policy cycle; we have problems that emerge in society, groups that identify these…

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