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Urban Public Finance and Taxation

This video is part of Module 2: What makes a city function? This includes public expenditure and taxation, incentives and regulation. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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The Budget, Public Revenues and Expenditures

This chapter discusses fiscal policy and institutions, beginning with a focus on the Maastricht Treaty, and goes on to explain fiscal balance, with a discussion of aging populations and unemployment.…

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Putting a Price on Carbon, Part 1

The carbon tax is an important market-based part of the policy mix in the climate debate, but not the only solution to the emissions problem. The price of carbon must reflect the social benefit and…

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Putting a Price on Carbon, Part 2

In order to create a carbon tax, we must be able to determine the social cost of carbon. There are at least two methods of implementing this social cost, including a Pigouvian corrective tax and a…

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