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The Role of Culture

This lecture examines which attributes of a society's values, norms, and attitudes promote or hinder sustainable development within a country. It highlights demography and population, taking a…

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The Challenge of Ageing Populations

This video addresses the concerns of health of the aging populations as an important part of global public health and sustainable development. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Theory: Mediterranean Approaches to Agriculture

Demographic growth and changes in diet drive great demand for food and other agricultural products, while food systems are increasingly threatened by land degradation and other stressors. Med…

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Mediterranean Challenges and Innovation

The Mediterranean region is the cradle of some very important civilizations, which were and are interconnected in many ways, one of those ways begin the food system; the agriculture, production…

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The Life Cycle Model of Consumption and Saving

This chapter continues to explore the concept of permanent income, but in the setting of a household economy that lives for many decades -- what is called the life cycle model of consumption and…

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Demographic and Epidemiological Transitions

How does global public health change throughout time? In this video, Professor K. Sinrath Reddy addresses this question, looking at how we predict the changes in public health and anticipate and…

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