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The Political Economy of Automation

This chapter is on the political economy of automation. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Clean Energy and Industry

This chapter addresses clean energy and industry as a key transformation for the SDGs. Professor Sachs opens with a brief discussion of rising CO2 emissions, followed by the energy components needed…

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Technology RDD&D

This chapter discusses the technology development that needs to underpin an agreement. The patent system allows the inventor of a useful new technology the exclusive right to use that new precursor…

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A Global Mitigation Scenario

The three pillars of deep decarbonization are energy efficiency and conservation measure, the production of low carbon electricity, and the fuel switching from high carbon to low carbon energy…

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Renewables: Wind

In this chapter, Professor Stephanie McClellan discusses wind power as a low-carbon solution for climate change. She discusses the wind power profiles and capacity of different regions of the world.…

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The Three Pillars of Decarbonization

The three pillars of Deep Decarbonization are: efficiency, decarbonisation of electricity, and the switching of end uses (such as cooking and driving) away from direct combustion of fossil fuels.…

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