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Islamic Legal and Ethical Norms

The objective of Islamic finance is expressed by the higher ethical objectives of Islamic law (maqasid al-Shariah) which emphasizes the well-being of all stakeholders along with society in general.…

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Q&A | Michael Ross | 2016 Sep. 22

Michael Ross, a professor at UCLA, answer questions on the ethics of importing natural resources from countries without strong regulations, the political factors that influence resource extraction,…

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Virtue Ethics and Science

What, in our opinion, constitutes a good society? One in which humans can flourish and live a life of substance, can live a life of joy, and can live a life in which, while they have inevitable…

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The Ethics of Sustainable Development

This chapter is the final chapter in the Sustainable Development: the Post Capital Order course, and looks at the ethics of sustainable development, looking at key ethical thinkers in sustainable…

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Public Awareness and Consumer Activism

In this chapter, Professor Sachs talks about the importance of civil awareness of sustainable development and the desire of society to improve economic conditions, improve social inclusion, and move…

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Environmental Perils Facing the Planet

This chapter introduces the concept of the anthropocene, evaluating the ethical implications of human interaction with the planet. It looks at environmental crises, such as human-induced climate…

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Implications for Discrimination and Exclusion in AI

This video discusses the risks and ethical concerns regarding artificial intelligence. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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