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Reducing food waste in schools, using behavioural insights

Food waste is a global issue, compromising both human health and environmental sustainability. Schools alone contribute substantial amounts of avoidable food waste to this problem. For instance, the…

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Marine Food Chains

Learn about marine food chains with special attention to why fish populations can actually be overexploited. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | Jessica Fanzo | 2017 Apr. 7

Jessica Fanzo answers questions relating to food waste and Module 3 of the "Feeding a Hungry Planet" course. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Food Loss and Food Waste in the Mediterranean

This chapter discusses food loss and food waste along the food supply chain in the Mediterranean, explains the opportunities for food loss and food waste at the consumer level and through societal…

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Challenges for Food Loss and Food Waste and Opportunities for Reduction

Every night, 795 million people go to bed hungry although we produce sufficient food to provide an average 2700 kilocalories every day per person. Four billion metric tons of food produced annually.…

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Sustainable Livestock Systems

This chapter discusses the issues surrounding livestock production. Livestock is produced for high-value protein, but the justification of intense production of livestock on the grounds of carbon…

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Good Agronomy

Good agronomy is the center of good farming: it means the law of the field, or how to grow a crop successfully. Nowadays, its largely about managing the complex interactions between genotype and…

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Sustainable Agriculture Intensification

There are five components to a sustainable health-enhancing food system: nutritious, healthier diets and safe food; less losses and waste; increased productivity on the existing crop and pasture…

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Food Losses and Waste

This chapter discusses how and where in the food chain food is lost and wasted, how this impacts food security, and potential solutions for reducing loss and waste. Food loss and waste refers to the…

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The Need to Reduce Uncertainties in Global Land Use Information

In this chapter, Steffen Fritz talks about the need to reduce uncertainties in global land-use information. Information about global pressure points can be retrieved using remote sensing information,…

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Ecosystem Conversion

This chapter covers ecosystem conversion, and specifically the ways in which humans convert natural landscapes so that they have a productive form for human ends whether that is for agricultural or…

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