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Improving waste separation in the operating suite

The case study presented here had two main objectives; 1) to increase recycling and 2) to reduce the amount of general waste and recyclable items placed in the clinical waste stream. To address this…

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Protecting wetlands by changing cropping practices on private land, using behavioural insights

With a drying climate, cropping poses risks to wetlands and swamps. While laws exist to protect wetlands on private land, in the absence of significant enforcement resources and/or a shared…

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Reducing food waste in schools, using behavioural insights

Food waste is a global issue, compromising both human health and environmental sustainability. Schools alone contribute substantial amounts of avoidable food waste to this problem. For instance, the…

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Enhancing patient care in Victorian hospitals

Public healthcare systems around the world aim to provide quality healthcare. However, healthcare systems are complex, with many decisions being made under pressure. For example, a commonly reported…

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Reducing recycling contamination

The following video features the Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration - a collaboration between BehaviourWorks Australia and its partners. The project aims to explore and better understand how…

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Implementing SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals - Part 2

SDG 17 aims to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. This video presents examples of multi-stakeholder partnerships from Australia and Finland.

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Implementing SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

The goal of SDG 12 is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. In this video, we look at an example of sustainable production patterns that addresses the social dimension of…

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Implementing SDG 3: Good health and well-being

This video explores how sports can be utilised to bring people together to learn about health-related topics. Dr. Emma Seal, a research fellow from the Centre for Sport and Social Impact at the La…

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Case Study: Australia Deep Decarbonization

This is a case study of Australia's efforts towards deep decarbonization. John Thwaites focuses on reaching net zero emissions in buildings by 2050, and the three pillars to do so: energy…

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Social Policies to Combat Social Exclusion

This chapter uses two examples to give further insight into the processes that have been incurred in the context of social exclusion. First–The British assimilated or discarded the Aboriginal…

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