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Earth Resilience and Cross-Scale Interactions

Resilience must be explored across different scales. The risk of pushing the entire Earth system outside its stable state is called Earth resilience, which is dependent on the different components of…

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What is a Carbon Budget?

This chapter discusses how much anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions we can still emit if we want to live within the 2-degree limit that we’ve set using the concept of the carbon budget. A…

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Other Drivers of Climate Change

The rising greenhouse gas concentrations have been the main drivers of the overall rise of Earth’s temperature, especially during the recent decades, but year-to-year fluctuations of…

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The Relentless Rise of CO2

Carbon dioxide makes up about 2/3 of the anthropogenic greenhouse effect, mainly from burning of coal, oil, and gas. There has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions due to the use of fossil…

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Climate Change Science and Negotiations – Trailer

Enroll in Climate Change Science and Negotiations The time to address climate change is now. The mean surface temperature of the Earth has risen dangerously and spurred devastating impacts –…

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Changes in Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases

Explains how scientists know climate change is taking place and how the majority of these changes are anthropogenic. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Overview of the Climate System: How is the Climate Constructed?

Discusses the four major components of the climate system, focusing on the structure and composition of the atmosphere. It then goes on to explain the different types of greenhouse gases and the…

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