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Conversation with Martin Sherwin, Gambling with Armageddon

This conversation with Martin Sherwin took place on January 28, 2021, as part of the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs. They discussed Sherwin's book Gambling with Armageddon and its fascinating…

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Q&A | William Horak | 2019 Mar. 6

In this Q&A from our Climate Action MOOC, Dr. Bill Horak, Chair of the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology at the Brookhaven National Lab, answers student questions about options for…

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Q&A | William Horak | 2017 Aug. 30

William Horak answers questions relating to the 10th week of the Climate Action MOOC's 2017 run. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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The State of Conflict Around the World

This chapter focuses on peace around the world as a peans of obtaining sustainable development, looking at the risk of nuclear war, current conflicts, and the cost of conflict. This video is…

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Advanced Nuclear Power

This chapter discusses the new generation of nuclear power reactors. there are approximately 40 countries with nuclear energy as part of their power mix, with some countries planning to phase out or…

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Nuclear Power

In this chapter, Bill Horak discusses nuclear technology basics. He talks about the role of Columbia in the start of nuclear energy. He describes the process of nuclear fission in detail and compares…

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