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Accelerating Multilateralism with Transformations in Science-Policy-Practice Interfaces

This SDG Action Weekend Side Event, hosted at UNHQ in New York, outlined the crucial role that multi-lateral Science-Policy-Practice Partnerships play in building global capacities to implement the…

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Funding for EbA

This video provides a brief introduction on funding mechanisms for EbA projects.

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Key Principles of the IsDB Business Model

To translate its core values into reality, IsDB has focused its efforts on a number of overarching principles. Although governments play an important role in economic and social development, they…

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IsDB’s New Development Model

The IsDB has adopted a new development model towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This model shifted the approach from treating the symptoms of poverty to tackling the root…

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Impact Investing Part II

The Acumen Fund’s private equity investment in Ziqitza Healthcare and the investments in ProCredit Holding are two cases of good practice in impact investing, with lower rates of financial…

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Blended Finance

Blended finance employs the strategic use of development finance and philanthropic funds to mobilize private capital flows to emerge and frontier markets. It is a method of layering investments to…

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Mobilizing the Private Sector and Alternative Funding Sources

There are some potential sources where the private sector can play a pivotal role in financing the Sustainable Development Goals such as blended finance, impact investing and green finance. In this…

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Conversation with Corey Robin: The Reactionary Mind

During this session, the Book Club with Jeffrey Sachs discussed The Reactionary Mind: From Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump by Corey Robin.In the book, Robin traces conservatism back to…

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La perspectiva del sector privado: ejemplo de PepsiCo

En este vídeo, Diego Ruiz, Vice Presidente de Políticas Públicas Globales y Relaciones Gubernamentales, PepsiCo, comparte la perspectiva del sector privado para entrar en una…

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Fondo climático canadiense en las américas

En este vídeo, Jaime García Alba habla sobre el Fondo climático canadiense en las américas (C2F), un fondo que financia los proyectos climáticos de desarrollo del…

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La perspectiva del sector privado

En este vídeo, Pedro Less contesta preguntas generales sobre la perspectiva y el rol del sector privado en el desarrollo sostenible. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Leadership in the Corporate Sector | Paul Polman

Speaking from West Papua, Indonesia, where he was attending a high-level meeting on green investment, business leader Paul Polman shares his thoughts on the challenges business face when trying to…

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Reflections from the Business Community

Learn about Jacqueline Corbelli's reflection on her position in the Leadership Council for Ethics In Action. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Water Sector (STWI)

In this case study, Emilio Guzman shares some insights and thoughts about corporate social responsibility and sustainability being integrated in a business partnerships and collaborating together…

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Good Governance and the SDGs

Jeffrey Sachs discusses the importance of global cooperation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, he notes that cities have a critical role in pioneering sustainable…

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Business and the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are not an agenda for policy makers alone. Most of the world's economic activity, knowledge generation, and investment are driven by an efficient private…

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