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Q&A | Achim Dobermann | 2017 Mar. 17

Achim Dobermann answers questions relating to the introductory sections of the "Feeding a Hungry Planet" course. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Feeding Humanity in an Urban World

More than half of the population today lives in cities, and while we are still dependent upon agriculture for food, urban areas are almost entirely disconnected from the process of agriculture.…

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Good Agronomy

Good agronomy is the center of good farming: it means the law of the field, or how to grow a crop successfully. Nowadays, its largely about managing the complex interactions between genotype and…

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Agriculture and the Sustainable Development Goals

The post-2015 agenda for sustainable development for the first time has agriculture play a significant role. Sustainable development can be traced to sustainable forest management in Europe in the…

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