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The lifelong learning system and adult education

Lifelong learning and adult education is essential in today’s world for people to keep up their skills and knowledge for work and living. Governments can do a great deal to facilitate and…

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UNESCO's response and contribution to education and training change

The "Embracing a Culture of Lifelong Learning" report by UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) outlines a transformative vision for lifelong learning through actioning ten critical…

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Lifelong learning: Developing skills for life and work

In our fast-paced world, outdated 20th-century educational methods are no longer effective. We need a contemporary 21st-century approach to education that equips learners with crucial skills for life…

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Stakeholder analysis in EbA

This video takes participants through the stakeholder analysis process, including identifying key actors and learning how to categorise them based on influence and interest. This video is licensed…

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The Convention’s Lists and Register

States Parties to the Convention have the possibility to inscribe elements of intangible cultural heritage on international Lists. These are the List for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of…

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Chat with a Teacher: How do you use education to create a better world?

This plenary session of the International Conference on Sustainable Development took place on 20 September 2021. Organized by Mission 4.7, the session featured four outstanding classroom…

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Local Innovation as the Key Driver of Local Development

Once the Saemaul Movement began in the 1970s, the off-season disappeared from Korea’s rural areas. The main cause for this fundamental change was the spread of new farming businesses and the…

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Lessons from South Korean Experiences

Summary of some of the major lessons of Korea's unique trajectory from one of the world's poorest countries to one of the world's richest countries with the 10 major lessons of…

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Automation, Work and Wellbeing: Lessons from History

This lecture is about long run trends in automation and technological change and its impacts on work and well being for the population. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Macroeconomic Context of Diminishing Returns to Labor

This video will discuss the macroeconomic or society-wide implications of this ongoing technological change that has had such differential impacts on lesser skilled and lower educated workers and on…

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Work in a Post Manufacturing World

This video will discuss changes brought about by skill-biased technological change, looking more deeply at what kinds of jobs are affected and what the experience has been in the American economy…

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Structural Shifts in Economies and Work: Skill Bias

Another kind of shift, indeed one that is deeply pertinent for the economy we live in today, is that a change of technology changes the demand for workers in distinct ways depending on the category…

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Case Study: Use of Flipchart in Negotiation: A Case from the Dniester River

This case study introduces communication and negotiation skills that are essential during conflict management, particularly in the case of the Dniester River basin and how the use of flipcharts…

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Techniques and Interpersonal Skills for Negotiation

This lecture provides practical techniques and interpersonal skills that are important for negotiation. It explains how to use the four “worlds” framework, which includes physical,…

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Practical Approaches to Foster Transboundary Cooperation: Theory to Action

Learn how the different management tools and governance mechanisms support the management of transboundary waters. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Forces of Widening Inequalities

This lecture focuses on the economic and political drivers for inequality within societies, exploring globalization and changing technologies within the US. This video is not available under a…

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