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Q&A | Hiro Yoshikawa | 2017 Apr. 14

Hiro Yoshikawa answers questions related to The Best Start in Life course. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Religion and Peacebuilding

"Religion--the sacred the notion of a deep reality that guides our lives--is an embedded reality. It affects how we think about sexuality and family and commerce and politics and education and…

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Towards a New Virtue Ethics for Sustainable Development

I think it's important that the the fundamental teachings of Buddhism include interrelatedness. We call it "dependent origination." Buddhist economics is in contrast to the modern…

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The Ethics of Migration and Refugees

This chapter discusses the complexities surrounding the ethics of migration and how different causes of migration require different approaches, and suggests a three-pronged approach for mitigating…

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Spirituality and the Common Good

This chapter discusses spirituality as a basis for civilization, and how rediscovering those spiritual foundations and bringing them together in consensus not only allow us to contribute to common…

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Virtue Ethics as a Multi-Religious Consensus

In this chapter, William Vendley finds the points of consensus between religious traditions, and shows how religious communities are well-positioned in terms of both spirituality and infrastructure…

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Ethics in Action - Trailer

What do the world's great religious and secular philosophies have to say about ethical conduct? Which virtues are common across faiths? And what role do religious communities have to play in…

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