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Live Q&A with Dr. Antje von Suchodoletz | February 8, 2023

This live Q&A session features Dr. Antje von Suchodoletz! Dr. Antje von Suchodoletz is an associate professor at New York University-Abu Dhabi, exploring the role of culture and context in…

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Social protection for families

Children and adolescents face significant barriers in securing access to health care —including vaccination schemes— and to education. They are also at a higher risk of falling behind…

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Social health protection and access to health care without hardship for all

Explores the concept of universal social protection and examines the protection over the complete life cycle. To make health for all a reality, all people must have access to high quality services…

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Rural development

The chapter deals with the major trends putting pressure on rural dwellers in different regions of the world and push the student to reflect on if and how these shifts affect the lives of your…

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Economics of food systems

This chapter focuses on how improvement in agriculture and nutrition can translate broadly into changes in rural livelihoods and standards of living, what can be done at the farm scale, versus the…

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Q&A | Catherine Tamis-LeMonda | 2017 Mar. 21

Catherine Tamis-LeMonda answers questions relating to babies' temperament model, attachment model, and other topics. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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The Market Economy: Specialization, Division of Labor, Entrepreneurship

This chapter talks about the arrival of capitalist institutions which remade societies by creating market relations for labor, land, intellectual property, and other forms of ownership, and in which…

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Innovation in ECD: Part II

An R&D platform with a science-driven innovation agenda would look different from conventional delivery of services; current interventions are evaluated in a particular way that does not align…

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Early Care and Education Programs

Early care and education is an important sector for young children because it is where children spend the most time aside from their family worldwide, and it corresponds to the microsystem of…

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Emotional Development and Temperament

This chapter is about emotional development and temperament, focusing on three topic areas: individual differences in temperament, emotional reactivity and regulation, and emotional understanding and…

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Social Development from 0 to 3

This chapter discusses social development in children zero to three and focuses on three examples to show the interesting changes that occur in babies’ imitation. Andrew Meltzoff engaged in a…

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Early Child Development in Culture and Context

This chapter contains a brief introduction to the concept of development. Development is not just a function of nature or nurture, but the interaction between biology and the environment. The most…

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