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Social protection and climate change

Climate change has already resulted in climate-related extreme events of greater frequency and/or intensity. This, along with long-term changes in average conditions (whether in temperature or…

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Social protection at the crossroads: Shaping the future of social protection

New ways of protecting people are needed. Together, we can shape the future of social protection in ways that ensure broad gains for societies in general, and the poorest in particular. This video…

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Social protection and risks during the working life

The rapidly changing nature of work in countries at all income levels requires a dramatically new approach to social protection and labor policy. The challenge is to adapt labour and social…

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Ensuring gender-responsiveness and disability-inclusiveness

Effective mainstreaming of disability issues requires the inclusion of persons with disabilities in decision-making in all areas of policymaking, at all levels of government and elsewhere,…

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Making work decent

We need to put decent work at the center of actions to bring back economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first. We all need to think about the importance of good work…

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Social protection for families

Children and adolescents face significant barriers in securing access to health care —including vaccination schemes— and to education. They are also at a higher risk of falling behind…

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Social health protection and access to health care without hardship for all

Explores the concept of universal social protection and examines the protection over the complete life cycle. To make health for all a reality, all people must have access to high quality services…

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Challenges and Lessons for Universal Health Coverage

In spite of universal coverage of the population, out-of-pocket (OOP) payments still account for more than 30% of health expenditures in Korea. Korea needs to improve the efficiency of its health…

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National Health Insurance and Universal Health Coverage in Korea

National Health Insurance is a key pillar of UHC and contributed substantially to the health of the Korean population. In this video, let's examine the development of national health insurance…

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Health, Sustainable Development and Universal Health Coverage

Discussion on healthcare policy and universal health coverage This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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The Challenges of Health Coverage in High-Income Countries

In this lecture, the US is used as an example of the adverse effect of a health system that is too expensive of access to public health. This video is not available under a Creative Commons license…

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The Politics of Health Systems and Universal Health Coverage

This video addresses the political side of health systems and the political debate over universal health coverage, including the different political barriers to universal health coverage. This…

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Health Systems Financing

This video looks at how a health system is financed and the economic factors acting as barriers to universal health coverage. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Health for All

This video deals with universal health coverage as one of the key aspects in providing health for all citizens across the world, working towards implementing UHC through international institutions…

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Delivering Health Services

In this video, Rob Yates describes the issues facing delivery for health services, focusing on primary health care delivery and access. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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An Introduction to Health Systems

This video addresses the role of health systems in delivering universal health coverage, looking at defining health systems and their goals and functions. This video is licensed under the CC…

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