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Setting the Pace in a Fast-Changing World

The world is moving into a fourth industrial revolution, an era marked by a disruptive change in production processes due to advances in technology. This change is compounded by a lack of…

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Stability of the Financial System

The evidence shows that Islamic banking withstood the shocks of the global financial crisis much better than its conventional counterpart. For the financial system stability, there is a need to…

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Q&A | Nicolas Maennling | 2018 Nov. 20

Nicolas Maennling answers questions about how we can use natural resources as a transformational opportunity to support global development. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Formalization and Decent Work

This video examines the state of income and employment around the world, barriers to employment, policies to promote economic opportunity, and the future of work in our rapidly changing world. This…

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Interview with Inger Andersen, UNEP

This video is the second video of unit 5.1 of the course Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience taught by Nathalie Doswald, Mikhail Fernandes, and Xinyue Gu. What are…

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The Moral and Practical Limits of Global Capitalism

The topic of this video is the practical and moral flaws of the global economy. Learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of how our global economy is creating new opportunities while perpetuating…

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The Nexus Approach

This chapter discusses the water energy nexus, meaning the connection between water and energy. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Getting to Know the SDGs

An introduction to the course Transforming Our World: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Jeffrey Sachs profiles the history of the sustainable development agenda, from the Earth Summit in…

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Measuring and Monitoring the SDGs

This video is part of Module 8: How can cities and urban areas be governed better to make them more sustainable? We can measure the SDGs using tools for capacity development. From infrastructure to…

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New Financing Mechanisms and Global Funds

This chapter discusses the idea of specialized global funds that have pooled funds from government donors and philanthropic donors, focusing on the example of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and…

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Prime Drivers of Globalization

What are the prime drivers of globalization? Where do they come from and how do they diffuse? And what are the fundamental patterns of global scale change that affect the dynamics of innovation and…

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Drivers of Migration, Human Trafficking, and Modern Slavery

This chapter examines the history of migration looking at modern trends of migration and types of forced migration including human trafficking and modern slavery. This video is licensed under the CC…

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Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities – Trailer

A thriving global society relies on the stability of the Earth and its resilience across oceans, forests, waterways, biodiversity, the atmosphere and more. So how do we shape sustainability at a…

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