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Mobility, migration, and opportunity

Why are some countries rich and some countries poor?" "Why are some individuals or societies better off than others?" Keep in mind that perhaps the most underrated answer to these…

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The Epidemiology and Economics of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is rapidly changing the ways we live and work. In the age of sustainable development and at a time when the world is working towards achieving the UN Sustainable…

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Political and Social Responses to Forced Migration

What should be our reactions to forced migration? Well, at the core, we should understand what is forcing this desperate migration and address those underlying conditions. And at the same time, we…

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Migration and the Refugee Crisis

This video is part of Module 4: How can we make cities productive and reduce inequality? When someone is forced from their home, more often than not they move to cities in search of both safety…

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The Ethics of Migration and Refugees

This chapter discusses the complexities surrounding the ethics of migration and how different causes of migration require different approaches, and suggests a three-pronged approach for mitigating…

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Ethical Conduct Towards the Vulnerable

Rabbi Rosen discusses compassion towards the marginalized as a Jewish virtue, and shares practical policies from the Hebrew Bible. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Conflict and Migration: Impacts on Childhood Development

The number of international migrants and refugees has grown tremendously between 1970 and 2015 and approximately 7% of international migrants are children between the ages of zero and nine. This…

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International Security Concerns and Climate Change

Looks at how climate change has and will impact matters of national security. It focuses on new coastlines, new shipping routes, refugees, and terrorism all as a result or in part due to climate…

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