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Good governance of social protection systems

Good governance of social protection systems is one of the preconditions for the effective realization of human rights. Governance starts at the highest levels of policymaking —…

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Islamic Finance Impact Investing for Sustainable Development

Convergence between Islamic finance and impact investing requires a large ethical investor base that is conscious about the ESG factors. This means a greater emphasis on transparency, traceability…

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Synergies Between Islamic Finance and Impact Investing

Islamic finance and economic practices are well-positioned to support the overhaul of public financial management systems and the strengthening of health, education, and food security…

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Corporate and Shariah Governance Mechanisms in Islamic Financial Institutions

Corporate governance is a set of organizational arrangements designed to align the actions of the management of a corporation with the interests of its stakeholders. In addition to corporate…

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Introduction to critical issues in behaviour change

We need to think carefully and critically when designing “WHO needs to do WHAT differently, WHEN and WHERE”, to have a good idea of WHY. Principles to be considered include keeping the…

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Q&A | Nicolas Maennling | 2018 Nov. 20

Nicolas Maennling answers questions about how we can use natural resources as a transformational opportunity to support global development. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | Alexandra Gillies | 2017 Feb. 22

Alexandra Gillies of the Natural Resource Governance Institute answers questions on the political economy and transparency section of the Natural Resources course. This video is licensed under the…

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Q&A |Jeffrey Sachs | 2017 Feb. 18

Jeffrey Sachs answers questions about the role of transparency in the extractive sector, the resource curse, and the ways in which the extractive sector can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs …

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Q&A | Alexandra Gillies | 2016 Sep. 20

Alexandra Gillies answers questions on the extractive industry transparency initiative and other issues. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Corruption and Politics Today

All of our aspirations for sustainable development depend on good governance. Good governance is vital so that government provides the public investments and the public services that underpin…

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Enabling Technology Transfer

In this chapter, Anthony Paul discusses the way that technology transfer happens, realizing that technology is not only science and equipment, but also knowledge. Technology tends not to be as…

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Allocation of Rights

Allocation of mineral rights is a significant issue in natural resource management, and illustrates a fundamental difference between extractive industries and other sectors of the economy.…

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How a Company Decides to Invest in a Project

This chapter overviews investments in oil, gas and mining projects. It includes a comparison of private and state ventures. Sources of income include: cash from existing projects and retained…

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Transparency and accountability

Transparency is defined as a flow of relevant, timely, and reliable information, information in the economic, financial, social, institution, and political arenas, which is accessible to all relevant…

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Towards Evidence Driven Policy Reform Using the Resource Governance Index

How do we actually measure and compare resource governance performance across countries? One tool includes a composite score for the degree to which the resource sector is managed in an accountable…

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Money Demand

This chapter focuses on why people demand money. Individuals and firms demand money to make transactions. The inventory approach to money demand, from Baumol and Tobin, says that families can…

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