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Urban EbA

This video is the third of three sector-specific insight units. In this video, participants learn about the importance of EbA in urban areas and how to implement locally appropriate and just urban…

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Smarter NYC: How City Agencies Innovate in a Time of Crises

As COVID-19 and other crises spread across the world, how can cities and city agencies adapt? Created by the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Smarter NYC…

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Rural development

The chapter deals with the major trends putting pressure on rural dwellers in different regions of the world and push the student to reflect on if and how these shifts affect the lives of your…

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Economics of food systems

This chapter focuses on how improvement in agriculture and nutrition can translate broadly into changes in rural livelihoods and standards of living, what can be done at the farm scale, versus the…

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Urban Informal Self-Employment

How can we protect people who are self-employed? While there has been a long-term decline in self-employment, the development of digital technologies and new business models has contributed to a…

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Applying Nature-based Solutions in cities, coastal areas and drylands. Part 1: Challenges

This video is the first video of unit 3.1 of the course Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience taught by Nathalie Doswald, Mikhail Fernandes, and Xinyue Gu. What are…

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Regional and City-level SDG Indices

In this video, SDG Index Manager Guillaume Lafortune presents the case for local SDG measurement, and discusses the methodologies used to create regional and city-level indices that serve as a…

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Ciudades sostenibles

Este vídeo es la sexta lección del curso Nuestro Futuro, creado por el Centro de Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y la Universidad de los Andes. Aprende más aquí:…

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Voices from the Field | Claudio Acioly, Jr., UN-Habitat

Architect and urban planner Claudio Acioly, Jr., is the Head of the Training and Capacity Development Unit of UN-Habitat, based in Nairobi, Kenya. In this Voices from the Field video, Claudio shares…

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Q&A | David Satterthwaite | 2016 Dec. 20

David Satterthwaite answers a wide variety of questions related to SDG 11 and other issues related to cities and urban planning. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | Aromar Revi | 2016 Nov. 19

Aromar Revi describes what the Sustainable Cities MOOC aims to do--it aims to provide learners with an understanding of what sustainable cities are and how the course is broken down. He also answers…

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Q&A | Edgardo Bilsky & Andrea Ciambra | 2017 Feb. 17

Edgardo Bilsky and Andrea Ciambra answer questions on the role UCLG is playing in bringing local governments from across seven regions together to learn from each other and support each other in…

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Q&A | Aromar Revi | 2016 Nov. 25

Aromar Revi answers questions on how a city functions after Week 2 of the course which focused on London and Mumbai. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | Sue Parnell | 2016 Dec. 2

Sue Parnell answers questions on urban theory and urban history. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Q&A | William Cobbett | 2016 Dec. 12

William Cobbett, Director of the Cities Alliance, answers questions on the general issues of urbanization, poverty reduction, and management of cities. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA…

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Q&A | Joshua Castellino | 2017 Jan. 9

Joshua Castellino, Dean of the Schools of Law and Business at Middlesex University, answers questions on sustainable cities and human rights. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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