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Assessing climate risks

This video introduces the concept of risk and its three components: vulnerability, hazards and exposure. It also includes examples of climate risks. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA…

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Elements of EbA: EbA helps people adapt to climate change

This video is the first in a three-part series that covers the elements of EbA. In this video, participants learn about the first element of EbA and its two associated qualification criteria. This…

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Social Security and Protection Against Risks

Islamic social finance institutions can be developed to protect against the impact of negative shocks on poorer households. In the case of negative shocks, zakat can be used as debt relief for the…

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Mitigating Risk and Vulnerabilities

Low-income people are vulnerable to risks as poverty and vulnerability reinforce each other whereby risk events can move households into poverty traps. Since negative shocks contribute to the…

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Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

In this video, Mahmoud Mohieldin talks about how the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals has been promising yet uneven across countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic…

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Q&A| Cristina Villegas | 2017 Apr. 4

Cristina Villegas answers questions on local artisanal miners in Ghana, small scale mining communities' vulnerability to child labor and disease, and other issues. This video is licensed under…

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Laudato Si' and Climate Justice

Laudato Si' is a great document, the most important document produced by popes in this century—we can say, in this century—because it just gives a sort of description of the…

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Ethical Conduct Towards the Vulnerable

Rabbi Rosen discusses compassion towards the marginalized as a Jewish virtue, and shares practical policies from the Hebrew Bible. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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How Climate Change Threatens the Poorest of the Poor

The Millennium Development Goals were commitments made in the year 2000 by the UN to help Africa and other poor regions of the world end extreme poverty, and also to fight the battle against climate…

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The SDGs and Beyond: Where Do Human Rights Go Next?

This chapter is part of Module 11: New Directions: Rights and the SDGs and concludes the course Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Challenging Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Exclusion. In this course,…

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International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

The Geneva Convention says that medical services are seen to be neutral on the battlefield, which is upheld by the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies today. The International Federation is made up…

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Vulnerability and 'Natural' Disasters

Sarah Bradshaw discusses the concept of disaster and its imapct on vulnerable populations. First, she stipulates that there is no such thing as a natural disaster; there are natural hazards, like…

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Human Rights, Human Wrongs – Trailer

From women to children to indigenous peoples, the rights of marginalized groups the world over are violated daily. These injustices affect not just these groups, but also the stability of our world…

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