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Designing EbA M&E: Using and communicating results

This video is the fourth in a four-part series that guides participants through a four-step process on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation in EbA projects. In this video,…

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The basic elements of EbA value

This video discusses the three elements of value regarding EbA: benefits, costs and impacts. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Case Study: Restoring mangroves in communal and private land in Mexico

This video presents a case study on climate adaptation in the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Mexico by the INECC and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology. It elaborates on the interventions…

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Protecting wetlands by changing cropping practices on private land, using behavioural insights

With a drying climate, cropping poses risks to wetlands and swamps. While laws exist to protect wetlands on private land, in the absence of significant enforcement resources and/or a shared…

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Setting the scene: Water challenges in the Mediterranean

The aim of this chapter is to outline water challenges in the Mediterranean by describing some water related common problems, such as: concentration of population in coastal areas, degradation of…

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