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Key takeaways: Tracking the Progress of EbA Implementation: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

This video highlights the main takeaways on Tracking the Progress of EbA Implementation: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Designing EbA M&E: Using and communicating results

This video is the fourth in a four-part series that guides participants through a four-step process on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation in EbA projects. In this video,…

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EbA and Communication

This video is the fifth of five videos which highlight cross-cutting topics that should be included in all EbA projects. In this video, participants learn about the topic of communications. This…

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Guidelines for Development Institutions’ Engagement with Islamic Finance

Institutional guidelines can help ensure consistency with the organization’s overall values and policies. Guidelines on faith neutrality can inform institutional roles, partnership documents,…

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Introduction for the Development Professional

There is often an overlap between the objectives of development institutions and those of Islamic finance stakeholders. The opportunity to collaborate in areas of shared interest can be significant​…

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Potential Challenges for Development Institutions in Engaging with Islamic Finance Stakeholders

Along with the opportunities for development institutions in working with Islamic finance stakeholders in pursuit of the common and overlapping objectives, there are also challenges which may…

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Living heritage: Community participation

This chapter begins by recalling that intangible cultural heritage does not exist independently from the communities who create and enact it, who give meaning to it and who identify with it.…

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Living heritage: Who are the communities?

This chapter discusses the concept of communities in the context of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. It reflects on who the communities are and how they can be identified in relation to…

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The Negotiation

While each negotiation is different, the challenges they present for government negotiators are often similar. In this session, Solongoo Bayarsaikhan discusses internal and external challenges…

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Lecciones aprendidas en comunicación

En este video, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Alto Representante de las Naciones Unidas para la Alianza de Civilizaciones de Naciones Unidas y ex-Presidente de SDSN España, nos habla de la…

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Q&A | Michael Shank | 2016 Oct. 27

Join Michael Shank, then-Head of Communications for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, to discuss communicating sustainability in an age of Trump, Putin, and Twitter. This video is…

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Professionals Need to Face Sustainability Issues

In this chapter, Sonia Massari discusses why sustainability issues require new skills and professional profiles. She proposes the idea of sustainability natives, similar to the current digital…

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Leveraging Extractive Industries for Infrastructure

The success of mine and petroleum project depends on reliable access to various types of infrastructure, including ports and railways, power to run the mine, water to be used in processing, internet…

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Smart Cities and Transport

This chapter discusses the transformation to smart cities and transport. Professor Sachs addresses the various dimensions of transformation, including smart infrastructure, zoning patterns,…

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Transparency and Access to Information

This chapter examines the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and other efforts promoting transparency and public access to information as means of preventing and recovering from conflict.…

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Knowing your Data Rights

This video focuses on data rights and the role of government in ensuring those rights. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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