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Setting the scene: Water challenges in the Mediterranean

The aim of this chapter is to outline water challenges in the Mediterranean by describing some water related common problems, such as: concentration of population in coastal areas, degradation of…

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Summing It Up: Food and the Ocean

In this module, we learned that the ocean plays a vital role in ensuring food security, and moreover that fisheries and aquaculture need to be better managed if we want the ocean to continue being…

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Sustainable Management of Fisheries

This chapter deals with economic solutions to the global over-fishing problem. The fundamental problem of marine fisheries from an economic point of view is that there is a price for fish on land, so…

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Aquaculture and Mariculture

This lecture is about marine aquaculture, the fastest growing food sector in the world. You will learn in this lecture that eating tuna is actually like eating a wolf-eater, if it was an equivalent…

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Fisheries Economics and Management

Here we go straight into the economics and management of fisheries. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Oceans and Fisheries

This lecture looks at human interaction with oceans and aquaculture, and the adverse effect it has had on marine ecosystems and well as fisheries. This video is not available under a Creative…

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Case Study: Aquaculture

This chapter discusses aquaculture for nutrition security, which raises questions such as, do we need fish? Can we supply sufficient seafood for future populations? Can we do so in a responsible…

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Fisheries Economics and Management

In the period from 1950 to the late 1980s, global catches in fishers have increased from less than 20 million tons per year to about 80 million tons per year. They have not increased anymore, which…

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Aquaculture and Mariculture

Most of marine aquaculture is not sustainable and is actually taking away protein from the human population. Around 1990, the wild capture fisheries leveled off at 95 million metric tons per year…

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Coastal Ecosystems

Protecting coastal ecosystems means protecting the coasts, and may be effective in fighting sea level rise. Coastlines see the interaction between human population demand and marine ecosystem…

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Values and Attitudes to the Ocean

This chapter explores the human-ocean connection, and how managing the ocean requires managing human systems as well. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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