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Conversation with David Daokui Li, China's World View

Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and economist David Daokui Li as they discuss Professor Li’s brilliant new book, China's World View: Demystifying China to Prevent Global Conflict. Listen in…

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Conversation with Jessica Rawson, Life and Afterlife in Ancient China

Join Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Jessica Rawson, one of the world’s most eminent scholars of China, as they discuss Rawson’s book, Life and Afterlife in Ancient China. Listen in to learn…

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Case Study: Restoration by design in Inner Mongolia

This video presents a case study featuring a land restoration project executed by The Nature Conservancy. The project engaged with local communities in Inner Mongolia that suffer from severe land…

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Poverty reduction in East Asia

Progress in the fight against poverty has been made in the poorest large countries in Asia in the last 40 years and the pace of progress in eliminating poverty has been particularly impressive in…

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The Epidemiology and Economics of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is rapidly changing the ways we live and work. In the age of sustainable development and at a time when the world is working towards achieving the UN Sustainable…

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Q&A: Are there examples of best practice in Africa?

Are there examples of best practice in Africa? This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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An agenda for aid

This chapter explores what the donor community could do to support industrialization in Africa, ideas for fixing 'Aid for Trade', and the role China can play. This video is licensed under…

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International Climate Action: A Case of Chinese Cities

This video is part of Module 9: Who can enable and implement this change? This chapter serves as a conclusion to the course Sustainable Cities. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Fundamentals of Energy and Petroleum

Carol Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, discusses the various sources of energy (particularly contrasting renewable and non-renewable energies), how the amount of energy coming from the various sources…

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The Eclipse of the North Atlantic

In this chapter, Professor Sachs talks about the shifting geoeconomics and geopolitics of today's age. While the West has been dominant for at least the last 200 years, east Asia, and especially…

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The Classical World

This chapter focuses on the third wave of globalization (land-based globalization), the Classical Age of the Roman Empire and the Han Empire in China, and the role of physical ecology in shaping…

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The Medieval Chinese Miracle

In this chapter, Professor Sachs joins the ancient world of the Roman Empire with the world of globalization that commences with Columbus and Vasco da Game in the last decade of the 15th century. He…

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Lessons from Classical China

This chapter compares and contrasts classical Greek philosophy with the Confucian tradition, emphasizing its unique virtues such as benevolence and the responsibilities of one generation to another. …

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The Relentless Rise of CO2

Carbon dioxide makes up about 2/3 of the anthropogenic greenhouse effect, mainly from burning of coal, oil, and gas. There has been a relentless rise in carbon emissions due to the use of fossil…

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Social Policies to Combat Social Exclusion

This chapter uses two examples to give further insight into the processes that have been incurred in the context of social exclusion. First–The British assimilated or discarded the Aboriginal…

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