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Vectors of medical importance on the island of Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology have developed an effective common surveillance program for vectors on the island of Cyprus. This is particularly important regarding the current climate crisis, and…

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Sustainable water resource management in Spain and Egypt

This chapter summarizes some lessons learnt and provides related case studies in Spain and Egypt.Learning outcomes: Learn about successful case studies for specific countries and products Obtain a…

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Balancing water demand and supply

This chapter provides insights on water uses and management in the Mediterranean region. Furthermore, it illustrates how water use in the region is increasingly globalized through trade in…

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Setting the scene: Water challenges in the Mediterranean

The aim of this chapter is to outline water challenges in the Mediterranean by describing some water related common problems, such as: concentration of population in coastal areas, degradation of…

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Summing It Up: Food and the Ocean

In this module, we learned that the ocean plays a vital role in ensuring food security, and moreover that fisheries and aquaculture need to be better managed if we want the ocean to continue being…

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Sustainable Management of Fisheries

This chapter deals with economic solutions to the global over-fishing problem. The fundamental problem of marine fisheries from an economic point of view is that there is a price for fish on land, so…

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Aquaculture and Mariculture

This lecture is about marine aquaculture, the fastest growing food sector in the world. You will learn in this lecture that eating tuna is actually like eating a wolf-eater, if it was an equivalent…

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Fisheries Economics and Management

Here we go straight into the economics and management of fisheries. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Marine Food Chains

Learn about marine food chains with special attention to why fish populations can actually be overexploited. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Dance of the Plankton

Learning about marine food webs is essential to understand how the ocean provides us with seafood. Enjoy the whiteboard animation before watching Chapter 4.2 "Dance of the Plankton." This…

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Our Ocean: A Finite Resource

In this chapter we learn about the enormous contribution of fish and seafood to human nutrition, what the ocean provides us, and how its resources are finite. This video is licensed under the CC…

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Food governance

The chapter focuses on what institutions govern the food chain and how can institutions foster equity and inclusiveness. What happens when they do the opposite? This video is licensed under the CC…

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Development enhancing investments

The chapter focuses on the role of investments in institutions and infrastructure in improving rural livelihoods and standards of living. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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International trade

The chapter deals with the role of governments in the food sector and as regulators of commodity prices. It stresses also the repercussions at the national and global level. This video is licensed…

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Markets and supply chains

The chapter focuses on how markets and supply chains connect farmers and consumers around the world and on the implications of global trade of agricultural commodities for the health and wellbeing of…

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Rural development

The chapter deals with the major trends putting pressure on rural dwellers in different regions of the world and push the student to reflect on if and how these shifts affect the lives of your…

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