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Reducing recycling contamination

The following video features the Waste and Circular Economy Collaboration - a collaboration between BehaviourWorks Australia and its partners. The project aims to explore and better understand how…

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Competitiveness through Circular Economy: the Enel Experience with Luca Meini

Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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From Waste to Wealth

Webinar 6 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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Theoretical Foundations to Understand How Food Value Chains Can Contribute to Regional and Local Development

This chapter discusses how the value chain can contribute to local and regional development. The Mediterranean diet consists of products that range from olive oil to fresh fruit and veggies to fish…

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Cities as Loci of Production and Consumption

This video is part of Module 4: How can we make cities productive and reduce inequality? We need to be thinking about the role of cities in driving growth, creating opportunities and making sure more…

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Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Due Diligence

Saleem Ali provides an overview of the environmental assessment process, by which regulators can manage the ecological and economic costs and benefits of natural resource development. The impacts of…

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Clean Energy and Industry

This chapter addresses clean energy and industry as a key transformation for the SDGs. Professor Sachs opens with a brief discussion of rising CO2 emissions, followed by the energy components needed…

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Environmental Perils Facing the Planet

This chapter introduces the concept of the anthropocene, evaluating the ethical implications of human interaction with the planet. It looks at environmental crises, such as human-induced climate…

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Introduction to the SDGs and Cities

An introduction to the course Cities and the Challenge of Sustainable Development. Jeffrey Sachs provides an overview of the SDGs and how they relate to cities, including SDG 11 ("make cities…

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