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Transformations for the Joint Implementation of the European Green Deal and the SDGs

Webinar 3 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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The Reality Check(s) with Carlo Papa

Webinar 11 Siena International School of Sustainable Development 2022

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Q&A| Sam Szoke Burke | 2018 Mar. 26 (Part 1)

Sam Szoke-Burke, a legal research at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, answers learners' questions about the "Natural Resources" course. This video is licensed under the…

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Consequences of Climate Change

This lecture focuses on the consequences of climate change, and the dangers of not significantly reducing human CO2 emissions. This video is not available under a Creative Commons license and should…

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The Three Big Transformations: Clean Energy and Industry, Land Use, Smart Cities

In this chapter, Professor Jeffrey Sachs hones in on the three potential solutions to the large environmental challenges of the world: decarbonizing the energy system, transforming global…

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Towards COP21

This chapter discusses the path towards COP21 in Paris in December 2015. COP15 in Copenhagen was unsuccessful in reaching a new binding framework. Copenhagen set markers, such as the limit of 2…

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Recent History of Climate Change

This chapter discusses current trends in climate science, beginning with maps produced by Professor James Hansen. The first map shows a bell curve of temperatures for each place during the time…

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SDG Pathways: The Case of Deep Decarbonization

This chapter provides a case study on deep decarbonization to display the value of back-casting. In particular, Professor Sachs presents the work of SDSN's Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project.…

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Clean Energy and Industry

This chapter addresses clean energy and industry as a key transformation for the SDGs. Professor Sachs opens with a brief discussion of rising CO2 emissions, followed by the energy components needed…

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Technology RDD&D

This chapter discusses the technology development that needs to underpin an agreement. The patent system allows the inventor of a useful new technology the exclusive right to use that new precursor…

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Basic Principles of a Global Agreement

This chapter discusses the headings that negotiations need to be attentive to to reach a fair, efficient, and meaningful agreement. The agreement has to lead to deep decarbonization to stay under the…

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The Three-Tiered Structure of Mitigation Commitments

This lecture discusses the structure of the negotiations at COP21 and how they can produce a meaningful agreement to achieve the 2 degree Celsius limit on mean global temperature increase using the…

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What is Fair?

This chapter discusses fairness, which intuitively is presented as equal sharing by countries in the carbon budget. However, this could be problematic, because if each country is required to have an…

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Can Everybody Win? Should Everybody Win?

This chapter discusses wester everybody can win in a climate agreement, and whether everyone should win. There are divisions at the negotiating tables between rich and poor, perspectives or present…

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Achieving Large Global Goals

Negotiating climate agreements is one of the toughest challenges that humanity will face in the long-term, but can be achieved to honor the 2-degree Celsius limit through a large-scale social…

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Problem-Solving Versus Negotiating

This chapter discusses the nature of the negotiations process of the 193 governments that are party to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is to move all parties to Pareto improving…

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