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Vectors of medical importance on the island of Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology have developed an effective common surveillance program for vectors on the island of Cyprus. This is particularly important regarding the current climate crisis, and…

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Poverty and Disease

This lecture links poverty and disease in an effort to explain their relationship and how addressing poverty and disease as one can create successful solutions. This video is not available under a…

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In this video, Professor K. Sinrath Reddy looks at the different types of cancers, and the economic burden, prevention, and treatment of these cancers. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA…

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This video covers road traffic accidents and alcohol as drivers of injuries resulting in death or disability. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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Control, Elimination, Eradication, Extinction

In this video, Professor Richard Cash looks at the control, elimination, eradication, and extinction of infectious diseases. He defines these terms and looks at specific examples including the…

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The Changing Patterns of Infectious Disease in Time and Place

This video addresses the history of infectious diseases, looking at different infectious diseases and the evolution of how they were addressed over time, and explaining the changing attitudes towards…

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New and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

This video looks at how factors like population growth, access to water, increase in travel, industrialization of food production, climate change, and antibiotic resistance have driven the emergence…

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Introduction to Non-Communicable Diseases

This video looks at the history non-communicable diseases, their rise in prevalence, the major risk factors, and their economic costs. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA license.

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This video addresses zoonoses, the natural spread of infections from animals to humans, looking at how these infectious diseases are spread. Specific examples discussed are coronavirus and nipah…

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The Great Acceleration

We are now a big world on a small planet. The Great Acceleration starts with the expansion of human exploitation of the world, seen in urbanization, land-use transformation for agriculture, and…

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Public-Private-Civil Society Partnerships

In this chapter, Professor Sachs discusses how the SDGs require the creation of public-private partnerships to deploy technology to achieve the goals and transformations, using the example of the…

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High European Imperialism

This chapter discusses the diffusion of industrialization within Europe and around the world, and specifically its impact on India and Africa. Professor Sachs shows a map of European empires around…

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Globalization and Public Health

In this video, Professor K. Sinrath Reddy addresses the question of globalization as a driver of change in global public health. Specifically looking at specific historical examples and the financial…

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Physical Development from 3 to 8

Dramatic changes occur in the areas of physical, cognitive and executive function, language and literacy, and socio-emotional development between the ages of 3 to 8, when most children in the world…

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Human Health Impacts

Shows how climate change can affect global health and disease, focusing on the movement of tropical diseases to nontropical zones as the Earth warms. This video is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA…

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